Our inspiring speakers bring with them a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience working in the user experience industry. For more information, take a look at our presentations and workshops pages.

Alison Rushworth

Head of User Experience and Business Analysis at AKQA

Alison has over 10 years' experience in interface design, starting her career by designing applications for a leading international law firm. Since joining AKQA almost 4 years ago Alison has worked across all of AKQA's major clients, including, Fiat, Nike, McLaren, Nokia and Sky; among these projects are the award winning applications Fiat EcoDrive (Grand Prix at Cannes Cyber Lions) and Nike Bootcamp (Best Integrated Campaign and Grand Prix winner at the British Interactive Media Association Awards).

Alison's User Experience Team is responsible for applying best-practice user-centric design processes to AKQA's projects in order to produce a user experience that is an immediately useful and engaging. In between directing her team and managing clients' needs, Alison has held workshops on interaction design within an agency for students at UCL.

Alison will be co-presenting 'Designing richer user interactions' and running the 'Challenging the interface ' workshop.

Alison Rushowrth

Andy Hood

Executive Creative Development Director at AKQA

Andy founded and continues to lead the Creative Development Team, which specialises in using rich interface development technologies to deliver world-leading user experiences to the most prestigious brands. During the past ten years, Andy and his team have developed award-winning websites and applications for clients such as Nike, Microsoft, Xbox, Coca-Cola, Fiat, Unilever and Diageo. The Creative Development team has also worked very closely with both Microsoft and Adobe, developing showcase R&D projects with their latest rich experience technologies.

Andy has featured at many industry events and on expert panels, including Adobe MAX, (Barcelona), Microsoft MIX (Las Vegas), Adobe Live (London), Envision (Dubai), FlashForward (New York) and C21Media's iPad Entertainment Summit at BAFTA in London.

He owns an iPad, iPhone, HTC Nexus One, Nokia 6301 and Samsung Galaxy S, and is eagerly awaiting the Galaxy Tab and Windows Phone 7. His desk drawer is tomorrow's digital museum. He can be found on Twitter: @andyjhood.

Andy will be co-presenting 'Designing richer user interactions' and running the 'Challenging the interface' workshop.

Andy Hood

Richard Apps

Senior Information Architect and Acting UX Team Leader at WTG

A leading technology consultancy and solutions provider to the UK's Public Sector. Richard has been an accomplished consultant and Information Architect since 1996. He has led UX teams on projects at Metropolitan Police Service, National Policing Improvement Agency, Lastminute.com, Opodo.co.uk, British Airways, Morgan Stanley, Philip Morris and consulted at organisations such as ING Barings, Commerzbank, and TeleDanmark.

In recent years, Richard has turned his energies to understanding Web 2.0 interfaces and the possibilities these offer. The meteoric growth of social media has accelerated the uptake of these interaction styles and his recent projects have all been heavily influenced by these new design patterns and expectations. Richard is a keen advocate of leveraging social media technologies within central and local government to create effective collaborative platforms and empowered communities.

When not investigating social change through technology, Richard is a passionate mountaineer and spends much of his free time in the mountainous regions of Europe and occasionally further afield. Unsurprisingly, Richard can be found on Twitter: @richardapps.

Richard will be presenting 'The influence of social media'.

Richard Apps

Mark Plant

Associate Director at Lab49

Mark stumbled across the Internet in 1993 and was intrigued by photos of this clicky web thing – but the text-based window meant the fascination lasted for about five minutes. Tabbing around a screen of fluorescent, DOS-style text on a black background seemed pretty dull.

After a stint in the late 90s where he was building internal sites for an investment bank (idea to code), he made the break into advertising. There he settled into a sequence of roles at WCJ/Impiric/Wunderman as a developer/IA/functional designer.

He left advertising in 2009 and returned to investment banking to set up a User Experience practice within Lab49. There, he is responsible for a team of Interaction Designers, Creatives and IAs. Work is exciting and demanding – defining and designing trading application interfaces where '1' frequently means '1 million'.

Mark will be presenting 'Coping strategies: UX in an Agile world' and running the 'Inventing an Agile framework for UX' workshop with Ann McMeekin.

Mark Plant

Andrew Harder

Expert Review Program Manager at Nokia

Andrew Harder has previously worked for Flow Interactive but is currently a design researcher for Nokia Design in London, where he's worked on the early, pre-roadmap, design concepting activities all the way down to the final UX reviews of major phones before they ship. Overall, however, he specialises in engaging designers and engineers in consumer research that guides, shapes and protects the user-centred development of new products.

Andrew is a familiar sight on the UX scene, having recently presented at UX Australia a talk on giving and accepting critique as a fundamental design skill. Back in the UK, Andrew shares his wealth of knowledge of user-centred research and design techniques on the Web Design and Development course at Birkbeck College, University of London. He can be found on Twitter: @thevagrant.

Andrew will be presenting 'User research as a generative partner with design' and running the 'Generative tools in design' workshop with Cristiano Orioli.

Andrew Harder

Cristiano Orioli

Senior design specialist at Nokia Design London

Cristiano Orioli is an experience designer who believes in the importance of empathy as a catalyst for innovation. Based in London, he recently joined the Nokia UX design team where he leads projects across a variety of mobile platforms and services.
Prior to joining Nokia Cristiano led a multidisciplinary team at Syneo focusing on holistic design across several industry fields, from luxury to healthcare, white goods, IT services and entertainment.

Cristiano sees design as an asset to promote change and improve life quality. This point of view brought his interest in photography to grow as a tool for understanding people and their environment. He holds a master's degree in Communication Design from the Polytechnic University of Milan. His clients include Alstom, GE Healthcare, LG, Luxottica, Microsoft, Plantronics, Whirlpool, Riva Yacht.

Christiano will be running the 'Generative tools in design'workshop with Andrew Harder.

Cristiano Orioli

Alan Trow-Poole

Freelance User Experience Designer and Information Architect

Alan has worked in IT since 1982 and began his career as a User Experience Designer in 1993, quickly building an international reputation for designing enterprise applications and web-portals for leading technology companies. Possessing both technical and creative skills and combining them with extensive software engineering experience gained from working in Europe and the USA, Alan is a regular on the User Experience scene. While living in California, he had guest lectured on web design and usability at the University of California (UCSC).

Alan has been using Axure RP Pro for many years, and he is also a director and principle trainer at axtrainers.com, the only training provider in Europe which is approved by Axure.

Alan lives with his wife Claire and daughter Emma Kate in Worcestershire UK. Find and follow Alan on Twitter: @atrowpoole.

Alan will be running the 'Axure RP Pro – from zero to hero' workshop.

Alan Trow-Poole

Eva-Lotta Lamm

Freelance User Experience Designer

Eva-Lotta previously led the Business Design Team at Skype, worked as an interaction designer for Yahoo! in its London headquarters, and has been Lead Designer for Kahn + Associates in Paris.

Besides her daytime mission of making the web a more understandable, usable and hopefully more delightful place, she loves sketching, doodling and playing around with little side projects that can reach from illustration to screenprinting, from websites to experiments in Processing, from logos to hand lettering.

Eva-Lotta has held presentations around the subject of sketching/visual note-taking at UX Camp London, UX Camp Europe and London IA, and she will soon be speaking at WebExpo in Prague.

View Eva-Lotta's sketching skills on Flickr.

Eva will be running the 'Sketching for understanding, creating and explaining' workshop.

Eva-Lotta Lamm

Ann McMeekin

User Experience Architect, Lab49

Ann has been organising information and designing interfaces for more than fifteen years. She has long been championing and implementing the belief that interfaces designed with inclusivity in mind are better for everyone.

Since joining Lab49 in November 2009, she spends her days working in investment banks to investigate and define user needs while designing applications which meet and exceed them. Throughout this process, she tries her hardest to make sure that working in an Agile environment means Iterative Design, and not just Incremental Delivery.

Ann has presented at various events, most recently at London Web Standards, <head> Conference, the Yahoo Front End Engineering Summit, and on the 'Design for the Web' course at Tower Hamlets College.

Ann will be running the 'Inventing an Agile framework for UX' workshop with Mark Plant.

Ann McMeekin
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