A run-down of the day’s inspiring presentations and engaging workshops.
Presentations and workshop timings are to be confirmed and subject to change.

Morning presentations

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Introduction to UX People by Nick Cochrane


Designing richer user interactions

To develop a beautiful experience we have to consider the elements that a user interacts with the most – the interface components. Challenge the boundaries of all our disciplines to look beyond the existing limitations and add that extra 10%. Presented by Alison Rushworth and Andy Hood from AKQA


The influence of social media

Social media is a global phenomenon. In his presentation, Richard takes a look at the patterns that are emerging, how this is currently influencing interaction design, and what may happen in the near future. Presented by Richard Apps, Senior Information Architect and Acting UX Team Leader at WTG




Coping strategies: UX in an Agile world

User Experience Design isn't the most natural bed fellow of Agile software development practices. Ultimately, attendees will gain a better understanding of the different elements of an Agile project and some ideas as to how they can work better with (or, ideally, within) an Agile team. Presented by Mark Plant, Associate Director at Lab49


User research as a generative partner with design

This presentation will illustrate an alternative approach to consumer research: one where it can still provide a necessary fact-check on designs, but also help identify new opportunities and contribute to the designer's creativity. Presented by Andrew Harder, Expert Review Program Manager at Nokia



A seasonal lunch is provided for all attendees and is included in the cost of entry to UX People. Please specify any allergies or dietary requirements when booking your ticket.

Afternoon workshops

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Workshops sessions one

  1. Axure RP Pro – from zero to hero
    You will learn how to create wireframes, interactive prototypes and specifications, as well as how to collaborate with others through use of Axure RP Pro.
    Run by Alan Trow-Poole, User Experience Designer and Information Architect
  2. Challenging the interface
    Beginning with an initial brief and journeying through the processes of ideation and design, discover interface opportunities and develop skills to continually challenge and improve the experience.
    Run by Alison Rushworth and Andy Hood from AKQA
  3. Generative tools in design
    A continuation of Andrew's talk on user research, this workshop will walk its participants through a design process and illustrate how consumer insights can be applied in order to generate and critique design ideas.
    Run by Andrew Harder, Expert Review Program Manager at Nokia and Cristiano Orioli Senior design specialist at Nokia Design London
  4. Sketching for understanding, creating and explaining
    Sketching is one of the greatest and most valuable tools for Designers. This workshop will brush up your sketching skills as well as showing some innovative tried and tested techniques that are effective and can be applied to everyday tasks.
    Run by Eva-Lotta Lamm, Freelance User Experience Designer
  5. Inventing an Agile framework for UX
    This workshop will consider the useful (and not so useful) components of existing processes, aiming to step outside the "everything must be scrum" mentality and begin to create an Agile process that meets the goals of the Agile Manifesto and the needs of the UX community whilst working with developers who are in Scrum (or waterfall) mode.
    Run by Mark Plant and Ann McMeekin from Lab49




Workshop sessions two

Workshops from the 14:00 sessions are repeated.


Close and networking

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