Designing richer user interactions

Useful experiences are not just about usability, nor engaging experiences just about creativity, and does a consumer care about the elegance of your technical implementation if they have no interest in using it? To develop a beautiful experience we have to consider the elements that a user interacts with the most – the interface components. Challenge the boundaries of all our disciplines to look beyond the existing limitations and add that extra 10%.

Alison and Andy will discuss the elements of user experience that truly make your interface beautiful: the combination of an elegant user story and rich user interaction. They will be demonstrating techniques and lessons learned from their 10 years of experience design at AKQA and showing case studies from recent award winning work.

'Designing richer user interactions' will be presented by Alison Rushworth and Andy Hood.

The influence of social media

Social media is a global phenomenon. Facebook and Twitter receive media coverage on a daily basis, they have both spawned countless copycat sites, and they are the new darlings of the internet industry. The sheer volume of users and the number of viewing hours mean that these sites and the interaction styles are shaping users' expectations of other sites.

In his presentation, Richard takes a look at the patterns that are emerging, how this is currently influencing interaction design, and what may happen in the near future.

'The influence of social media' will be presented by Richard Apps.

Coping strategies: UX in an Agile world

User Experience Design isn't the most natural bed fellow of Agile software development practices. Over the last 18 months, Mark has established a UX practice within an Agile software consultancy and has tried various tactics to integrate UX and development work streams.

Mark's talk will review the latest thinking on Agile and discuss some of the limitations of Agile teams. He will focus on the solutions that his teams have tested and seen to fail or succeed, including ideas on what's being tried now. Ultimately, attendees will gain a better understanding of the different elements of an Agile project and some ideas as to how they can work better with (or, ideally, within) an Agile team.

'Coping strategies: UX in an Agile world' will be presented by Mark Plant.

User research as a generative partner with design

Often, user research or usability is presented as gathering the facts of user attitudes and behaviours  – it provides ‘common sense’ rules that must be followed if any website or product is going to be successful. Research then becomes a quest to find out every single fact that might ever be useful in the development of a product. Especially when applied to consumer products, this approach radically limits the usefulness of research towards creating compelling and desirable consumer offerings.

Andrew will illustrate an alternative approach to consumer research: one where it can still provide a necessary fact-check on designs, but also help identify new opportunities and contribute to the designer’s creativity.

'User research as a generative partner with design' will be presented by Andrew Harder.

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