About UX People

UX People is the creation of Zebra People, Britain's first ever recruitment consultancy to focus specifically on user experience resourcing solutions.

Founded in 2002, Zebra People has seen a lot happen in the past eight years. Long gone are the days when user experience was just an afterthought. It now drives design strategy and shapes the digital world. It has become integral to the thinking of organisations big and small.

It's a big and busy field, with many key players right here in the UK. And that's why we've created UX People – an event as accessible and inclusive as its subject deserves, and with an emphasis on all the amazing work being delivered in Britain. Challenges and solutions and practicality of solutions, all those faced by UX designers. Expect all delegates to come away with having gained practical knowledge.

We want to help gain global recognition for the most creative and inspiring speakers and projects on these shores. And because we're all about inclusivity, tickets to UX People have been kept as low as possible, with reduced prices for students.

UX People is non-profit making, so every penny will be ploughed back into the industry. We'll do this through putting on successive events, running workshops and networking occasions and anything else we can think of to get people talking about and participating in user experience.

Whether you’re an established user experience practitioner or a student on the cusp of your career, we’d love you to be here so get your tickets for UX People Autumn 2010 now.

Speaking or running workshops at UX People

UX People is committed to helping rising stars become the world-class speakers of tomorrow. It is the perfect place to gain experience as a speaker and make valuable contacts. Presenting at UX People is an ideal platform through which your unique skills can be shared with the world.

If you'd like to discuss more about presenting at UX People please contact Michelle Nhan at michelle@uxpeople.co.uk, or call on 020 7729 4771.



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This is an archived site from our event which took place on 26 November 2010. Find out about UX People 2013 »